Friday, February 6, 2009

wow, it's been almost a month.

i got the new lily allen record, really really good. also, finally got the new animal collective. also really really good. expect a more in-depth analysis soon.

Monday, January 12, 2009

mmmm, peanut butter

so "Jupiter: The Bringer of Jollity," my favorite Planets suite by Gustav Holst is now in a Reese's peanut butter cup commercial.

hell fucking yes.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

technical difficulties.

i have a bum space bar. and a bum foot, but that can't possibly do anything but help my blogging problem.

just a couple notes for today:

the falsetto vocals in the chorus of "september" by earth, wind and fire is really what makes the song. without it, the chorus is empty and awkward. kind of like my soul. (note: i saw a cover band do this song at the bar i go to by my house [and when i say "by my house" i really mean "8 miles up the road"] and without that vocal line, the whole song was ruined. for me anyway. i doubt anyone else in that room noticed/gave a crap.)

there's an esurance commercial i've seen a few times today. it features a (crappy) song by some (unknown) band, set to a cartoon. every time i hear it i think it's a "free credit report dot com" commercial and roll my eyes. then i realize what it really is and roll my eyes again.

this make-up commercial (yes, i've been watching tv all day, let's talk about it) entices you to buy it by saying it keeps your skin "natural and healthy-looking." well, my glasses help me see fine, but they don't fix my awful vision. i hate how easily-trickable we've become.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

mondays that are tuesdays are the worst.

you won't understand the subject line, so don't bother trying to.

i had this whole idea for a post, something engaging and well-thought-out and blah blah blah and then i got home from work, had beer & m&ms for dinner, and played video games. no more desire to be productive, but it's been a week since i posted anything (thanks, christmas!) so here i am. lately i've been listening to the dodos, a.c. newman still, some new pornos, of course dynabros, and whatever else.

for whatever reason, hasn't updated the weekly snapshots yet, but when this week's is finally up i'm gonna start posting my top ten artists of the week, just for shits. maybe some giggles.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


"the questions simple" by the boy bathing = "runaway train" by soul asylum.

this place is filled with seagulls.

i got the new a.c. newman record the other day. really it's no big surprise that i'm totally into it, as the new pornographers are one of my favorite bands, but i really had no idea how much he has to be in charge of, musically, for that band. i'm sure everyone contributes their fair amount, but get guilty really reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally makes me want to listen to twin cinema on repeat, which is exactly what i did yesterday. i haven't gotten my hands on his last solo record from '04, so this is all i have to go by, but goddamn. it's like listening to new pornos lite, and i couldn't be happier about it. and i'd expect i would bitching about that, honestly. if person l's debut sounded just like a starting line record, while i'd most certainly enjoy it, i'd probably be really pissed and never shut up about it. i'll try to think of more examples that would have made me mad, but since i have a real job, i need to go cram two days' worth of work into today before i finish my christmas shopping and then come home to bitch about whatever they were blaring through the speakers at the mall.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

round john virgin.

kidz bop.
have i ever told any of you how much i fucking hate kidz bop?
well let me tell you now: i really fucking hate it.

i'm sitting downstairs, watching my mom try to fix the fuses in the christmas lights that went out and drinking some awesome hot cocoa, and the commercial comes on for kidz bop 14. i had just seen the commercial for the new alvin & the chipmunks record. i laughed during that commercial when they said if you call right now you get two copies for the price of one. same deal with kidz bop. two copies. for 20$. with 6$ s&h. still not a deal. i told my mom i'm never having kids because i'm not ever listening to anything as bad as that on repeat for days unless i damn well want to. aaanyway, they're going through the songs on this volume and we got to "see you again" by miley cyrus. now, i understand that some of the songs have great beats and catchy choruses but are about shooting bitches or total fucking, so they have to sanitize the lyrics and then market it to conscious parents. whyyyyyyy did they need to do that to a song already sung by a kid!? i will never understand this shit, and i hope hearing those songs twelvity-thousand times is punishment enough for these stupid parents who will buy this shit.